Defense Technology 360 OC Spray Review

Defense Technology otherwise known as Def Tech is one of the leading defense spray brands in the United States. Originally, Defense Technology only catered to the law enforcement community but now their pepper spray is available to the general public.

Defense Technology OC spray is available in several different types of sizes to meet the needs of the law enforcement and regular folks. Def Tech comes in  fog, foam, and stream delivery systems.

In this review we will be taking a look at the Defense Tech First Defense 360 MK-3 OC spray.

Product Details

Def Tech 360 OC Pepper Spray

Def Tech 360 OC Pepper Spray

Product Weight: 3.2 Ounces

Shipping Weight: 3.2 Ounces

Amount: 1.47 oz

Manufacturer Model #: Defense Technology 5439

Spray distance: 10-12 feet

Formulation: 1.3% Red Band

Safety Feature: Yes

Propellant: Compressed Air


Product Review

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This pepper spray has a stream delivery system which means its great for outdoor use, sprays a long distance, and has low risk of wind blow back. The stream delivery system also demotes the risk  of any cross contamination and will not hit unintended targets. It fires 6-8 short bursts up to a range of 12 feet.

The greatest strength that this Def Tech OC Spray has is its capable of rotating 360 degrees while still being able to shoot. Most other pepper sprays on the market don’t spray when there turned upside down and some even require you to shake the canister beforehand. For example, let’s say you get into a scuffle and are knocked down to the ground by the attacker, even though you are on your back you’ll still be able to spray regardless of the position of the canister. This consistent delivery system that allows deployment at any angle or orientation makes the Defense Technology 360 OC spray one of the best on the market.

It is also very lightweight, compact, and versatile which will allow you to easily carry it inside your pocket or a small pouch.

Moreover, it carries a red band seal which means that the formulation at 1.3% Major Capsaicinoids is significantly stronger than other defense sprays sold by Defense Technology. The oil based formulation works to get into the skin and eyes to impair the target’s vision and causes a strong burning sensation. This product is ensured to be of high quality since its manufactured through an ISO rated facility.

Lastly, it also comes with a safety cap so you can prevent any accidental discharge and use it only when you need to.

Overall, if you are looking for something to help protect your personal safety but don’t want to spend the time nor money on self defense classes going with the Defense Technology OC Spray is a great option.Even if you don’t need it in the immediate future you can still keep it tucked away for emergencies, especially since this spray has a shelf life of up to 2 years. Keep in mind that this specific model is also used by law enforcement so its guaranteed to be effective and reliable.

Does it Work on Animals or is it Only Effective on Humans?

The Def Tech 360 MK-3 Spray is effective on small animals such as dogs and racoons. Dogs and other animals have delicate senses so when faced with an aggressive animal, utilizing pepper spray will easily be able to deter the attack. Keep in mind you should not rely on human pepper spray for protection against larger animals such as bears. Human pepper spray has different spray patterns and usually is too small to deter bear attacks so it’s better to rely on bear repellent instead.

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  1. Ryan says

    Hey Mike,

    Sounds like you know about Def-Tech products. What do you know about their oc/cs unit? How would you compare it to, Sabre Red as to effectiveness? Any history comparing the two?

    Please email me…

  2. alfonso m. blanco says

    Thinking of distributing OC pepper spray in the Philippines. can you connect me with the supplier of Def Tech 360 Spray and the details e.g., minimum order, price, supplier name, address, contact # and shipping capabilities ( if any).

    Used to give pepper sprays to female friends. I think the product may now be in demand especially in Metro manila, especially among female employees who commute at nite.

  3. says

    I suggest you look at Def- Tec’s MC numbers again as I did they are really low sad to say this but they still at the bottom of the barrel even after Safariland bought them. I have independent HPLC Certificates to prove this . I also have a company I am sponsoring that has Anything to fit your tastse whether itis CS,CN, Or OC or even all 4-1 !!! The MSDS on the products are even there on each product. Mike if your interested in anything I can do for you please e-mail me I am a 30 + year less then Lethal Chemical Weapons Master Instructor and evaluator.

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